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The Portland office of Laundry Service, a full-service marketing agency hosted the Portland Advertising Federation‘s January 2019 Extremely Happy Hour. They invited Hinge’s team to demo our VR experiences. The event also featured a photo booth, as well as libations and appetizers.

Special Thanks to the Awesome Laundry Service Team!


A quick shout out to all the Super Awesome Folks we met at the Laundry Service!

  • Will Ullbricht | Creative Director at Service Laundry
  • Brennen Schlueter
  • Sam Hassler
  • Conner O’Hea
  • Nate Richards
  • Seth McGinnis
  • Brett Bottorff
  • Eric Montgomery
  • Kristin Ratzlaff
  • L.A. Walker
  • Grady Locklear
  • Ben Garvey
  • Devin Feldman
  • Linzy Slusher | Commercial Photography
  • Alex Larralde
  • Jim Gibson
  • Eric Phillips
  • Joseph Miller
  • Rick Robinson
  • Camille from the Program PDX
  • Caldwell
  • Emily Foster
  • Alli Brown
  • Kayden Cowan | Content Producer
  • Ben Blair | Director & Photographer
  • Brennan Heller | Production Specialist
  • Amy Jacobson | Account Director at Splash World Wide

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