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an impactful product end card combining CG fruit, visual effects and motion graphics


Adidas #Unvaulted

Our design team created the vault entirely in CGI, created 3d scans of the shoes, and seamlessly integrated them with their live-action counterparts


Microsoft Surface 2

A retail attract loop for Microsoft for use in-store and out of home displays



A science demo for Purell Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray


Nike By You - Serena Williams

A series of microsite site experiences, featuring exclusive designers, including Serena Williams, Patta, and Maharishi

Product Visualization

Product visualization helps to tell brand and product stories, by exploring the beauty and functionality behind these products. Using it in a technical demonstration alongside our other animation services, like motion graphics, reveals key product features that are successfully communicated to your audience.

Photorealistic Visualizations

Our artists create photorealistic visualizations based on our client’s specific needs. The visualizations can be still images, animated, or even interactive for use across many different industries including retail, automotive, architecture, and science.

In our work on the Adidas #Unvaulted campaign, we created visualizations of the shoes and integrated them into the vault which was created entirely by our artists.

Interactive 3D Visualization

Besides its storytelling advantages, research has shown that the use of interactive 3D products instead of still images affects important aspects of buyer behavior, allowing your audience unparalleled access to your product.

Hinge created a series of Nike By You WebGL microsite site experiences for designers and athletes including Patta, Serena Williams, and Maharishi. WebGL is an interactive browser technology to showcase configurable 3D models and textures. This allowed users to customize the shoe of their dreams, choosing between several colors and textures that our artists created.

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