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A Complete Solution

A captivating motion design animation showcasing Microsoft Education tools


Community G.I. Joe

Hinge was tapped by Starburns Industries to provide animation services for NBC’s much anticipated animated episode of Community



A visual that communicates the power and security of its business and consumer solutions


Amazon Gift Cards

Two animated videos that show the delightfully surprising benefits of receiving an Amazon Gift Card


Adidas SL Loop Runner

A premium launch video for the Adidas Originals SL Loop Runner

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics has a vast range of applications, blending design, infographics, 2D, and 3D animation to tell engaging stories. A popular use of motion graphics is in explainer videos which simplify and bring clarity to complex concepts, in a way that will stick with your audience.

Motion Graphics in Storytelling

Another form is a more traditional storytelling approach to showcase your product or tell your brand story, which can be seen in our work on Microsoft Education.

It is often used in TV and film, as can be seen in Hinge’s work for NBC’s live-action sitcom Community on their G.I. Joe episode.

Resonating Animation

Clients like Microsoft, McAfee, Amazon, and Adidas choose Hinge when they need animation delivered in a way that resonates with their audience. Regardless of your specific needs, animated videos are the most effective way to showcase your business, product, explain a concept, or tell your brand story.

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