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With the help of the MVN suit, we created the animated space adventures of TOM and SARA for Cartoon Network

Motion Capture

Motion capture, often referred to as Mocap, is the process of digitally recording human movements and then mapping motion data on a digital 3D model. This allows the digital character to move like the actor that you recorded.

The Suit

The highly flexible Xsens MVN motion capture suit isn’t restricted to the traditional confines of a motion capture studio but instead can be used in almost any environment indoors and outdoors. It can even be worn under clothing, allowing for simultaneous capture of live action and motion capture in a single take! This is a major differentiator between our services and those of our competitors.

Using the MVN suit, Hinge can record, analyze and deliver captured motion for sports performance, health, fashion, and entertainment industries.

Sports Performance

Motion capture has gained an important role in athletics, both for athletes and sportswear companies alike.

Motion capture is being used to improve human performance and reduce sports-related injuries. It allows you to visualize the biomechanics of the body and collect movement data that would otherwise be impossible to detect.

Motion capture also allows us to understand how athletes interact with their environment, clothing, and equipment. This includes elements such as playing surfaces, footwear, and even equipment such as baseball bats or golf clubs.

In order to accurately measure the performance of athletes and their equipment, it’s best to study them in a range of indoor and outdoor environments. With the Xsens MVN motion capture suit, you can do just that.


Motion Capture is being used by doctors and therapists as a way to find diagnosis and treatments for patients. This information captured is being used to assess patients across a variety of specialty fields including physical therapy, rehabilitation, and assisting in treatments for movement disorders such as cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Capturing this data allows professionals to make informed medical judgments to better assess and treat patients from wounded soldiers, to injured athletes, to patients with movement impairments.

Besides providing the information necessary for an accurate clinical assessment and treatment, motion capture helps to train medical professionals in procedures. Medical procedures require cognitive training and psychomotor skills, which the motion capture suit tracks and uses to provide essential performance information.

TV, Film, & Video Games

Complex moves such as rolling, tumbling, and even facial expressions require motion capture to be accurately translated into media for television, film, & video games. It captures the performance of actors to accurately portray their movements which are then translated to digitally created characters.

In our work on Cartoon Network’s Toonami, we use the MVN motion capture suit to create the movements of the main characters, to quickly develop the movement of large crowd and subtle variations.


Motion capture can help save time and money during previsualization of live action commercials and live performances as well. Instead of relying on 2D animatics, motion capture allows you to bring the action to a digital set, making it a flexible and important planning tool for live action.

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