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Hinge’s own Jonathan Beals is featured in this month’s issue of 3d Artist Magazine #61 for his architectural rendering. The image was also a winner of the 3DTotal Excellence Award.

Congrats, Jonathan!

Behind the scenes: Photo vs CG


“I’ve always wanted to do a Render Vs. Photo of an architectural piece, and after many months of working on it in my spare time, I have finally called it finished. I wanted to work on this project mainly to familiarize myself with Nvidia’s iray renderer and see how it does with interiors, since it is advertized as an architectural renderer. This project, admittedly, is a beast for any renderer because it is lit mainly by indirect light. This is hard for any renderer to resolve.

Since entering the VFX industry, I’ve been fascinated with artists who can mimic reality and create photorealistic art. I came across the ‘Foo House’ series by Apollo Architecture and immediately fell in love with the contrast between the concrete and wood and how the light played upon each.” — Jonathan Beals

You can find the full series of the Foo House on their website located here:

VFX Breakdown:

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