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While Cannes Lions 2019 has passed, Hinge wants to take a moment to reflect on the festival as a whole. The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity allows many innovative brands to come together and share different ideas. This year, the festival featured a variety of speakers who have had an impact in the film and media industry, including Jeff Goldblum and Marie Kondo.

Our Executive Producer, Roland Gauthier, had the opportunity to attend the festival, and listen to speakers from companies such as WPP, WarnerMedia, Google and Snapchat. Event speakers discussed a wide range of issues facing film and media today, including representation, accessibility and inclusivity. Looking towards The 2020 Cannes Lions Festival, companies are beginning to broaden their horizons as new technology is advancing in the creative industries, all while celebrating in a fun-loving environment. It’s the perfect mix of work and play.

It was Roland’s first time at Cannes Lions, and he is already excited to go back next year. From the large social events to the stimulating talks, he enjoyed getting to know new people in such an interesting environment.

While there, he spent his time meeting new people, networking, attending elaborate social events, listening to live music, drinking rosé and dancing the night away with other creative influencers. The lively atmosphere at Cannes is something you can’t find anywhere else.

Outside of the panels and events he attended, Roland enjoyed getting to see Estelle and Rebecca Sugar perform “We Deserve to Shine” Cannes Lions for the Steven Universe and Dove Self-Esteem Project Panel.

Google led the creative festival with diverse voices and brought attention to the many ways they spark creativity. This was an encompassing theme that correlated with inclusivity and representation at the festival this year. Google talked about Pride and their solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, and Roland particularly enjoyed their emphasis on diversity.

Google Beach showed their support for Pride, decorating with bright colors, rainbows and bringing people together. It was really amazing to see so many people there learning more about inclusivity, diversity, and celebrating with each other.

Cannes Festival hosted panels with women of color, discussing the importance of representation and improving diversity initiatives within companies and holding brands accountable for diversifying their workplaces. 

After a productive day of attending panels, everyone came together in the evening for elaborate social events filled with good food and good people from all over the world, enjoying each other’s company in beautiful Cannes.

Overall, Cannes Lions 2019 was a success, filled with knowledge, new experiences, and meeting new people Roland can’t wait to see next year at The Cannes Lions Festival.

Last year, Hinge was the recipient of a Silver Lion for our collaborative work on Travel Oregon: The Game. As we look forward to the 2020 Cannes Lions, Hinge cannot wait to see what the big themes are, the companies that will be there and the winners of these amazing awards.

Inspired by our award-winning work on Travel Oregon: The Game, Hinge created a Snapchat filter as a fun and interactive way to showcase our 8-Bit animation while in Cannes. This activation lens allows others to play around and “8-Bit” themselves, while simultaneously presenting what we have been working on at Hinge.

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