AGENCY: AbelsonTaylor
DIRECTOR: Kevin Schowengerdt
EDITOR: Kevin Schowengerdt
DP: David Vollrath

MACI‘s inspiring campaign, “No Challenge. No Change” is a co-production of Hinge and Havoc Content for Chicago agency, AbelsonTaylor. Director Kevin Schowengerdt and DP David Vollrath crafted this anthemic film which beautifully captures the spirit of resilience of our protagonist, Jo, and the breathtaking landscapes that set the stage for her journey to recovery.

Over two exhilarating days, our dedicated crew embarked on a journey across the picturesque landscapes of Oregon, seizing the opportunity to harness the state’s epic vistas and urban landscapes as the backdrop for MACI’s empowering narrative. From the heart of Portland State University’s downtown offices to the charming streets of a NE neighborhood, every location was meticulously selected to enrich the story and elevate the emotional impact of the video.

Oregon’s unforgettable natural beauty provided the canvas for our story. We ventured through the dense forests, racing through the trees and capturing Jo’s sheer determination, as she pushed herself beyond her limits to recover from her injury. The lush greenery served as a metaphor for growth and healing, while the stunning cliffsides of the Columbia Gorge symbolized the challenges Jo faced on her path to running again.

Behind the Camera, the expertise of director Kevin Schowengerdt and DP David Vollrath and Hinge’s crew brought the project to life, effortlessly translating the emotional journey into a visually striking experience. Schowengerdt’s keen eye for storytelling and Vollrath’s masterful control over light and composition created a harmonious blend that allowed the audience to connect deeply with Jo’s transformation. Their collaboration resulted in breathtaking shots that captured Jo’s determination, resilience, and ultimate triumph.

Jo’s journey became the heart and soul of this production. As we follow her in the video, we witness her initial struggles, the doubts that plagued her, and the courage she summoned to face her challenges head-on. Through her unwavering determination, Jo inspires viewers to embrace change, defy limitations, and pursue their dreams fearlessly. MACI’s “No Challenge. No Change.” becomes a rallying cry for anyone who has ever faced adversity and emerged stronger.

The production of MACI’s “No Challenge. No Change.” patient journey video was an extraordinary endeavor, fusing the talents of two production companies led by Hinge EP, Roland Gauthier, and Havoc Content EP, Leslie Harro. The awe-inspiring landscapes of Oregon served as the ideal canvas, amplifying the emotional impact of Jo’s story. Through the lens of resilience, this video captivates and inspires, reminding us all that challenges are not obstacles but catalysts for change. It invites us to embrace the power within ourselves and transform adversity into triumph. MACI’s powerful message, supported by the remarkable production behind it, is sure to resonate with audiences, igniting a spark of motivation and pushing us all to conquer the impossible.