CLIENT: Tea Drops
AGENCY: In-House

In the world of product marketing, visuals play a pivotal role in capturing consumers’ attention and conveying a brand’s essence. Hinge Digital joined forces with Tea Drops, a leading tea company renowned for their exquisite flavors and natural ingredients, creating a CG toolkit of Tea Drops’ signature teas to use throughout their brand and product marketing.

Hinge Digital’s talented team embarked on a journey of meticulous attention to detail. They began by meticulously modeling each tea drop shape, capturing the intricate curves and contours that make Tea Drops so visually appealing. In texturing and lighting, the team painstakingly recreated each tea flavor, ensuring that viewers could almost taste the rich aromas and flavors by simply looking at the imagery. This attention to detail brought an added layer of authenticity to the CG tea drops, making them truly mouth-watering.

The resulting product toolkit was seamlessly integrated throughout Tea Drops’ website, Tea Drops’ gift cards and product packaging, elevating the brand’s aesthetic across various touchpoints.