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The team at track hosted a panel webinar on Feb 17, 2021 exploring Animation trends in 2021. As the world reshapes itself around an unprecedented pandemic and online streaming services look to make big investments in animated media, we join a panel of industry experts to discuss what all of this means for the industry and the work it produces in 2021.

Learn more about how animation is evolving and what emerging trends could influence upcoming animation projects. We’ll explore a variety of topics and discuss how creativity is changing, pipelines have evolved, and technology has impacted on the work produced; from large to small-scale studios, 2D and 3D, feature films, episodic TV, advertisement, video games AR, and beyond.

The panelists included Jeff Lopez (Co-head of CG, The Mill), Hank Driskill (Head of CG, Cinesite), Bruce Knapp (Line Producer, Late Night Cartoons/CBS) and Roland Gauthier (Exec Prod & Partner, Hinge).

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