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This is a series of Coca Cola commercials that we thought were beautifully executed. The Wieden + Kennedy spot was directed by Nexus’ Fx&Mat, with CGI and animation work by Framestore London.

Coca Cola Seige Superbowl Commercial

Publicis Dallas and DVein of Barcelona have masterfully created a compelling series of ads that for us animation geeks really sell the brand and do it in a beautifully executed fashion that combines live action and 3D animation.

Terminix: Beams; Terminix: Kitchen; Terminix: Termites

Poker Wingman: Bunny

This one is just plain fun. Come on, a bunny with no feet and poker. Can it get any better?

BMW 5 Series 2011 Commercial: Refuel

Cool concept and nicely executed. Fun stuff!

Volkswagen Beetle 2011 Super Bowl XLV television commercial

Director Dante Ariola, agency Deutsch LA, and The Mill London created this realistic CG beetle and its insect friends. Very nicely done we must admit!

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