CLIENT: Microsoft Xbox
AGENCY: Mutiny
CG/VFX: Hinge
MUSIC: Beta Petrol

This launch spot collaboration between Mutiny, Xbox and Hinge, “Xbox Elite Cereal: Feed what makes you Elite”, for Controller Series 2 has it all: A catchy 80s-style jingle and Elitee, our free-falling, Jean Claude Van Damme split-ing, laser shooting, TikTok dancing, sax solo playing mascot—the Pied Piper of Elite gamers!

The production process began with Hinge & Mutiny’s design teams working in tandem to develop and iterate the unique 2D design of the Elitee character. From there our CG team modeled, rigged and textured the fully dimensional version, integrating materials from the Controller Series 2 and color cues from Xbox’s brand guidelines.

Hinge produced the live-action shoot on location in picturesque Portland, OR, with Mutiny’s Executive Creative Director Noah Eichen and DP John Frost leading our expert film crew.

The motion capture shoot, co-directed by Alex and Noah, took place on Picture This’ stage in Portland, using our Movella motion capture suit and Xsens Metagloves. The social team took the opportunity to capture awesome behind-the-scenes content of our dancer’s actions in the mocap suit to boost engagement on Xbox’s TikTok and other social channels.

Hinge’s design, CG, and visual effects team, led by Executive Producer Roland Gauthier, Animation Director Alex Tysowsky, and Visual Effects Supervisor Terell Seitz, used Maya and Vray, Nuke, Substance Painter, and mocap software MVN Animate, to animate, light, render and seamlessly integrate the Elitee character into our live-action shots.

The Hinge crew had a blast working with our friends at Mutiny and Xbox to bring the Elitee character and TikTok music video to life. The result is an irreverent tribute to classic cereal commercials of the 80s and 90s with a modern twist that appeals to Elite gamers of all generations!

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