CLIENT: Adult Swim
AGENCY: In-House
DIRECTOR: Alex Tysowsky

Toonami’s new game room is finally online—and it was worth the wait—just in time for the Cult of the Lamb Game Review.

Nestled within The Absolution, TOM and SARA’s draws inspiration from the original Absolution’s iconic media chamber. The room’s centerpiece is a large video monitor positioned at the end of a long raised bridge, providing a captivating focal point for the game reviews that will unfold. To heighten the sense of immersion, a specially designed chair dramatically emerges from the bridge, placing TOM front and center before the monitor, ready to delve into the world of gaming.

What’s more, the game room features breathtaking panoramic windows, offering jaw dropping views of the cosmos. As TOM delves into the latest game reviews, SARA floats nearby, lending her unique insights and commentary, ensuring that the Toonami experience remains as engaging and entertaining as ever.

Behind the scenes, Hinge Digital’s innovative creative team brings this captivating universe to life using cutting-edge technology. Leveraging Unreal Engine, Movella’s Xsens 3D motion capture suit, and Autodesk Maya, their Portland, OR studio is a hotbed of creativity where these talented individuals work their magic crafting the dynamic Toonami interstitials.

Get ready to level up, Toonami faithful, because the future of gaming is right here on Toonami!