CLIENT: Netflix
PRODUCTION: Wendell & Wild
Director: Henry Selick

At Hinge, we are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with the esteemed director Henry Selick, Netflix, and the incredibly talented team behind the upcoming film, Wendell & Wild. This thrilling project brings together the creative genius of Selick (known for his masterpieces like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline) and Jordan Peele (the visionary behind Nope, Us, and Get Out), resulting in a captivating story that pushes boundaries and captivates audiences. Our role in this endeavor was to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge CG VFX with the film’s handcrafted style, ensuring a visual experience that is truly awe-inspiring.

A Tale of Personal Demons and Redemption: Wendell & Wild tells the story of Kat, a troubled teenager played by the talented Lyric Ross, who finds herself haunted by her past. To confront her personal demons and embark on a journey towards redemption, she must confront Wendell & Wild, portrayed by the dynamic duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. As Kat returns to her old hometown, she discovers that the path to a new life is intertwined with the mischievous and wickedly delightful characters of Wendell & Wild.

A Fusion of Craftsmanship and Innovation: In order to bring this enchanting tale to life, it was essential to strike the perfect balance between the film’s handcrafted style and the use of advanced CG VFX. This is where Hinge’s expertise and collaboration with the film’s team truly shone. Our artists worked closely with director Henry Selick and the production crew to understand their vision and the unique aesthetic they wished to achieve.

Seamless Integration of CG VFX: The challenge lay in seamlessly integrating the CG VFX into the film’s world while maintaining the tangible and tactile feel of the handcrafted characters and sets. Hinge’s team of talented artists meticulously studied the details of Selick’s signature stop-motion style, ensuring that every frame of the CG VFX complemented the physical elements flawlessly. The result is a visual experience that pushes the boundaries of what is possible, bridging the gap between traditional craftsmanship and digital innovation.

A Stellar Cast: Wendell & Wild boasts an outstanding cast, with the immensely talented Angela Bassett, the legendary James Hong, and the iconic Ving Rhames joining the ranks alongside Key and Peele. Their performances, combined with the seamless integration of CG VFX, promise to transport audiences to a world filled with wonder, darkness, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Hinge is immensely proud to have collaborated with the visionary team behind Wendell & Wild to create CG VFX that integrate seamlessly with the film’s handcrafted style. This project allowed us to push the boundaries of artistic expression and technical innovation, resulting in a visual experience that will leave audiences spellbound. As the film brings together the wickedly imaginative minds of Henry Selick and Jordan Peele, we are excited to see how Wendell & Wild captivates and inspires viewers around the world.