AGENCY: Trailer Park Group
DIRECTORS: Roland Gauthier / Alex Tysowsky

Xbox teamed up with Mutiny Agency and Hinge to craft an enchanting animated commercial spot, “How to Choose a Plan,” as part of the Game Pass How To series. This installment takes inspiration from classic adventure games, Dungeons & Dragons, and the ever-popular Game of Thrones, offering gamers a nostalgic and immersive quest to select the perfect plan: Console, PC, or Ultimate.

Hinge Digital’s design and animation teams crafted a medieval-themed animation that captures the charm and magic of classic adventure games. Each frame is meticulously illustrated, transporting viewers to a realm brimming with jousting tournaments, ancient castles, bustling villages, mighty catapults, and awe-inspiring dragons.

With its charming design, captivating animation, and homage to the golden age of adventure gaming, this video entices gamers to explore the endless possibilities that await them. Whether you’re a console enthusiast, a PC gaming aficionado, or someone who craves the versatility of both, Xbox Game Pass has a plan tailored just for you. Let the epic quest begin!