In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, CDM and Link9 faced the challenge of developing a social campaign for Antibody Testing. With limited budgets and logistical constraints, shooting new live-action footage was off the table. Hinge Digital, known for innovative solutions, stepped in to tackle this unique challenge.

The Challenge: CDM and Link9 needed a compelling campaign to promote Antibody Testing, but producing fresh footage was not feasible due to budget and logistical limitations.

The Solution: Hinge Digital proposed using stock footage as a cost-effective alternative to a shoot. The team searched for diverse clips of people wearing masks from around the world that aligned with the agency’s creative brief.

Execution: After curating and getting the footage approved in our cut, our post-production team worked its magic. Through color correction and re-graining, they unified the footage to appear as if it was shot with the same camera and lenses. The team then tracked the faces and integrated question bubble graphics onto each mask, creating the illusion of screen printing on a real mask. In some instances, we even changed mask colors (from paisley to light blue) and mask shapes for better readability and cohesion.

Results: The campaign resonated emotionally with audiences worldwide. Despite the challenges, the creative use of stock footage delivered a powerful message of unity and hope.

Key Achievements:

  1. Global Appeal: The campaign effectively conveyed a message of unity that transcended cultural boundaries.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: By relying on stock footage, the project was executed within budgetary constraints.
  3. Visual Cohesion: The post-production work ensured a seamless flow throughout the campaign.
  4. Engagement: The emotionally impactful content sparked conversations and garnered significant social media engagement.
  5. Awareness: The campaign successfully raised awareness about Antibody Testing, encouraging responsible actions during the pandemic.

Conclusion: CDM, Link9, and Hinge Digital demonstrated the power of creative problem solving in an impactful Antibody Testing campaign using stock footage and seamless post production techniques. The project effectively delivered a message of unity and hope, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.