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The April 2011 issue of Post magazine has a great article about how Hinge Digital worked with Zimmerman Advertising to bring to life “hhgregg” a Spokes-Character used in over 34 spots for the Indianapolis based hhgregg stores.

“Our goal was to develop theanimation so that ‘hh’ was not completely over the top,” explains AlexTysowsky, Hinge co-founder/animationdirector.

“We wanted to create an appealing spokes-character with enough flexibility and range of performance to launch the campaign and continue to grow with each new spot.” says Hinge Digital’s co-founder/executive producer, Roland Gauthier.

“To meet the creative and scheduling needs of the campaign, we developed a library of reusable 3D assets, including the character’s key expressions and poses, as well digital versions of the hhgregg store interior and featured merchandise,” explains Michael Kuehn, Hinge founder/VFX supervisor.“This allows us to efficiently and cost effectively repurpose digital assets in new creative scenarios, to complement and enhance existing live-action footage with featured products and visual effects, and recreate the hhgregg store environment for all-CG spots.”

“Hinge Digital gave life to our ‘hh’ character. They should be considered the very proud parents! Through their mastery of effectiveness in the digital world, people have come to love hh! I would highly recommend Hinge Digital.” Zev Auerbach, Executive Creative Partner, Zimmerman Advertising.

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