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2011 was one of those years that make you go “hhhmmm”, and wow, and scream with excitement. As a studio we could not have asked for more. We were recognized by our peers in many categories, including “best use of animation” for two different campaigns.

As a company we pride ourselves in customer service. There is nothing more precious to us than making absolutely certain our clients are completely satisfied with our services, and product. Relationships, and respect are the corner-stone of Hinge Digital, and as such we put our hearts, and souls into every project that comes in the door. The result is evident in not only our work, but the recognition of said work. It is not everyday that a boutique growing studio gets the opportunity and praise we got last year from our peers, and the reason why we won 9 awards all in all in 2011.

We are super excited about the future of our studio, and in particular the opportunity to continue to reach out, connect, and engage with clients all over the world so that we may be so fortunate as to continue to create work we are not only proud of, but that our peers recognize as great work. With that said, we would like to thank all our clients, friends, and family for their support, and understanding as we continue our journey, and dream of building a brand that will continue to bring smiles and great work to all who we are fortunate enough to work with.


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