CLIENT: NW Natural
POST: Hinge
MUSIC: Marmoset
STOCK: Filmsupply

With our friends at XO Agency, Hinge’s edit team crafted a video showing how NW Natural is “Behind It All” supporting the best moments between family and friends. This heartwarming video showcases the vital role that NW Natural gas plays in fostering unforgettable moments shared among family and friends. Join us as we uncover the magic that unfolded during the production process, where creativity, ingenuity, and exceptional resources combined to bring this awe-inspiring vision to life.

The team at XO Agency had a vision to create a commercial that would resonate deeply with viewers, emphasizing NW Natural’s unwavering commitment to fueling connections and enhancing lives. Collaborating closely with NW Natural, they conceptualized a storyline that celebrated the pivotal role natural gas plays in fostering cherished memories.

Armed with XO Agency’s vision, Hinge’s edit team embarked on a search for captivating visual imagery that would breathe life into the commercial. Utilizing high-quality stock video clips sourced from their partners at Filmsupply, our editors carefully curated a collection that perfectly encapsulated the essence of the story they aimed to tell.

The power of storytelling lies not only in the visuals but also in the captivating melodies that accompany them. Out team turned to Marmoset, a trusted provider of exceptional music tracks. After careful consideration, they selected a piece that flawlessly complemented the emotional journey captured in the commercial.

XO Agency’s creative vision, Hinge Digital’s expert editing, Filmsupply’s exceptional stock footage, and Marmoset’s soul-stirring music all came together to create a heartwarming spot demonstrating how NW Natural’s gas services, often working behind the scenes, make shared moments even better.