Sharkly is an original short animation from Hinge. The sea has risen. The world has moved past humanity, yet there remain those who seek adventure and fight for truth, justice, and a delicious meal. Meet Sharkly and Lampy, two inseparable friends who rely on each other as they explore the ocean and the sunken cities of mankind. Sharkly can always speak his mind and Lampy gets to keep her secrets, well, most of them. With his big heart and amiable confidence and Lampy’s quick mind and insight, these two besties love to explore the sunken cities in search of clues about the creatures who made them. Their discoveries will eventually lead them on an odyssey of discovery across sunken continents and into the deepest trenches. Oh, and she drinks his blood.

The artistic challenge for our team was to tell this story through a painterly, watercolor lens. We combined toon shaded CG characters and layers of 2D painted sets, living together in a cohesive visual style.