CLIENT: NW Natural
MUSIC: Marmoset

Hinge and XO Agency’s latest collaboration for NW Natural resulted in an ownable and emotionally engaging visual campaign conveying the brand’s message of safety and service, and the warmth of natural gas.

The creative challenge was to develop a series of appealing digital watercolor paintings capturing they key moments of each story and then animate them to flow organically from one to another, each building up and then washing away in sync with the voice over and the on-screen text.

Hinge’s trusted music partner, Marmoset Music, presented a curated selection of music tracks from their artist-driven library that harmonized with the visuals. Our sound design team developed subtle sound effects to complement the visuals, music and voice over to create an immersive atmosphere, capturing the audience’s attention without overpowering the central message.

The NW Natural 2023 campaign, featuring “Safety” and “Service,” reinforced the brand’s values and an emotional connection with its customers. The combination of watercolor animation, emotive voice over, and subtle sound design resonate deeply, emphasizing NW Natural’s dedication to customer safety and satisfaction. It is a testament to the power of creative storytelling and collaboration between NW Natural, Hinge Digital, Marmoset Music and XO Agency.