CLIENT: Kohler
AGENCY: In-House

Kohler and Hinge teamed up to create an integrated video and print campaign for the launch of their new global showering collection. Hinge faithfully recreated CG digital doubles of dozens of the brand’s new products in an array of premium finishes paired with elegant CG water vfx.

Kohler’s products come to life in a :60 all-cg video that plays with our concept of time and space—slowing down, speeding up, and reversing. The spot begins with a dance between the camera and beautiful products in an abstract world, and continues with a series of closeups revealing exquisitely curved design details and the play of light over the luxurious finishes. The camera then follows a single droplet which joins a stream of water defying gravity to rejoin its source, the oval shower head, inhabiting a bespoke showering space that is elegant and awe inspiring.

The video is complemented by a gorgeous still campaign of over 100 product images featured globally in all forms and sizes of media—from digital stills and web banners, to full page magazine spreads and giant outdoor billboards!