CLIENT: Clover Sonoma
POST: Hinge

When it came to Clover Sonoma’s “That’s Good Dairy” campaign, every aspect of post-production was meticulously crafted to perfection. Partnering with the talented team at Guru agency and director Anneke Schoneveld, Hinge Digital’s post-production wizards brought two deliciously colorful commercial spots, “All Dairy” and “Lactose Free,” to life.

From the initial stages of editing to the final delivery, every step of the process was a labor of love, aimed at capturing the essence of Clover Sonoma’s brand while resonating with today’s discerning consumers.

For the “All Dairy” spot, the focus was on heritage and quality while the “Lactose Free” spot highlighted Clover Sonoma’s innovative lactose-free products. Dynamic editing cuts and targeted color grading emphasized freshness and vitality, while meticulous compositing clean-up ensured a sleek and polished look. Sound design played a crucial role in reinforcing the message of delicious dairy, creating a multisensory experience that resonated with health-conscious consumers.

But the work didn’t stop there. In today’s digital age, reformatting for social channels is essential. Hinge Digital’s team expertly optimized both spots for various platforms, ensuring maximum impact and engagement across the digital landscape.

In the end, the collaborative efforts between Clover Sonoma, Guru agency, and Hinge Digital resulted in two commercial spots that not only captivated audiences but also solidified the brand message, “That’s good dairy.”