PRODUCTION: No Sunrise Wasted

In a not-so-distant future, an off-world syndicate of couriers transports precious and illicit packages via inter-planetary portals. They alone hold the secret to the dust that powers them. Our story takes place in the early morning hours, when a disheveled retired bureaucrat wanders through the unfamiliar streets of Neo Tokyo to hand off a mysterious briefcase.

Afuera is a short written and shot by Kevin Fletcher on an In-Camera VFX Volume at Picture This in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about our In-camera VFX and XR production approach for producing commercials, music videos and long form content, and contact us to set up a time to chat.

Hinge supervised on set VFX and created the courier’s transportation portal effects. Using on-set camera tracking data captured in Motive and Unreal Engine, our compositing team integrated the portal and dust particulate into the scenes with displacement and warping effects in Nuke.


Starring Allen Dennison and Nancy Ortiz
Created by Kevin Fletcher, Wil Magness and Matt Schulte
Produced by Devin Fei-Fan Tau
Executive Producer: Perry Loveridge
Director of Photography: Kevin Fletcher
1st AC: Gabe Twigg
2nd AC; Emma Josephson
BTS: Justin Rapp
Gaffer: Bruce “Sarge” Fleskes
Key Grip: Brian “Coach” Fleskes
Grip and Electric Swing: Deante Grinner & Sigfried Seeliger
Turntable Rental: Ken Riddle
Production Assistant: Nathan Comer
Production Designer: Jeff Johnson
Editor: Wil Magness
Unreal Engine Supervisor: Justin Rapp
Technical Director: Hunter Loveridge
Visual Effects Executive Producer: Roland Gauthier
Visual Effects Supervisor: Michael Kuehn
Visual Effects Producer: Mark Axton
Visual Effects Lead Compositor: Terell Seitz
Colorist: Justin Rapp
Music Composer: Matt Schulte
Sound Designer: Joseph Hartshorn