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Retail Activation & Products

Immersion  & Gamification

Immersive reality experiences enable rich retail activation for consumers and staff alike. They generate foot traffic to brick and mortar stores by giving customers the opportunity to partake in an enhanced and gamified buying experience, like VR kiosks that offers product personalization and access to a brand’s back catalog.

Augmented reality apps on mobile and headsets are allowing customers to visualize products like furniture, bathroom fixtures, appliances and cars at full scale, adjust their configuration and finishes, and place them into the context of their home or business. By combining AI and ML with AR, animated brand mascots from traditional broadcast and print campaigns can step into the real world to help customers make informed choices.

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Interactive Storytelling

Branding & Gaming

Immersive storytelling blends the traditional narrative story structure with user driven choices of gaming. Virtual reality transports the viewer to an entirely constructed world in a range of styles, from a cartoon world to a photo-real historical reenactment. Augmented reality apps allow the viewer to bring the story elements into their reality, bringing their favorite collectible creature card games or superhero posters to life. Check out our 8-bit Xmas AR Game on the App Store.

Healthcare & Enterprise

Training & Therapies

Corporate education and safety training curriculum that was once limited to video or web platforms becomes entirely more engaging and effective through immersive VR experiences. Augmented/Mixed reality headsets are enabling long distance technical assistance in the context of the real world.

Immersive virtual/mixed reality experiences are enabling new forms of treatments and pain management for patients in hospitals and at home. These tools are giving surgeons, doctors, medical students, patients and their families alike ways to better understand and visualize healthcare options and shared empathy. Check out Shinrin-Yoku on Steam, our forest meditation experience.

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Education & Entertainment

Engaging Learning Experiences

Virtual and mixed reality make learning more fun and entertainment experiences truly memorable. Museums, planetariums, aquariums and amusement park rides alike benefit from immersive and believable experiences where virtual characters guide and encourage participants to interact, play and learn. Whether a virtual tour of the pyramids, a walk on the martian surface, a haunted house or microscopic travel through the human body, participants are transported and fully engaged.